During the trip


Hygiene - food and water

Travelling to a foreign country, changing eating habits or eating "local" can cause intestinal problems, especially for those sensitive.


Remember that tap water is not potable, even in big cities and hotels in Vietnam. Drink only bottled water or purified water. Avoid ice in rural area as the source of water may be of poor quality.


Travelling to a foreign country, changing eating habits or eating "local" can cause intestinal problems, especially for those sensitive. That's why we make your health and safety our top priority to make your trip the most delightful and trouble free.

We choose restaurants carefully for you to enjoy healthy, balanced and tasty food and above all prepared with strict rules of hygiene.

For those following a special diet (vegetarian, diabetic...) or having food allergies (seafood etc.), we will inform the restaurants to prepare suitable meals for you as long as you notify us in advance.

For "street food", avoid raw vegetables, fresh herbs and other raw dishes or pay attention to pick up only places with good recommendation.

Money and bargain

The currency in Vietnam is the Dong (abbreviated “VND” or just “d”). In Cambodia, it is Riels and in Laos, it is the Kips. Credit card is increasingly widespread in big cities, but remains limited elsewhere. And though it is possible to pay in USD or EUR, it is easier to bargain in local currency.

Flights and luggage allowance

1)    International flights

As an inbound agency, we will not book international flights for you but we can arrange Indochina flights should you wish. Please note that it maybe very difficult to book flights to/from Vietnam during the Vietnamese holidays, especially in Tet festival (mid January to mid-February). You may enjoy low season discount in May so plan well ahead of your trip to take advantage of good rates and better availability.

2)    Baggage allowance

In general, the weight of baggage for international flights of economy class is 20kg. Low-cost airlines often charge baggage in addition to the ticket price. It is advisable to check with the airline to avoid such unpleasant surprises.

Note that with domestic flights in Vietnam, you can take up to 27 kg / person of luggage allowance including:

• Carry-on baggage or cabin baggage: the total weight of 7 kg authorized dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23 cm maximum.
• Exemption for the checked baggage is the weight of luggage you can carry for free: 20kg / person maximum.

Post and telecommunication

You can find Internet access almost everywhere in Vietnam now. All hotels (from 3* standard) in tourist cities and towns are well equipped with Wifi Internet that is available to all guests free of charge.
 Post Office is said buu di?n in Vietnamese. It is listed on maps and on the facades of buildings. There are post offices in all major cities. They are recognizable from a distance with blue logo of the VNPT operator. Hanoi Post Office is right on the bank of Hoan Kiem Lake.

•To call from Vietnam, you dial 00 then country code then number, eg:

o France:
You press: 00 + 33 + number
To United State & Canada:
You press: 00 + 1 + number
To United Kingdom:
You press: 00 + 44+ number